Cold Brew Chicory Coffee

10/31/2020 - Inspired by Cafe Du Monde

Let's do this. 

*Makes chicory cold brew once and leaves her 1M followers guessing*


05/05/2021 - Update from Hiatus

I bought this bag of chicory from Amazon and made one batch. Sure it looked pretty: the cold brew with that dark-caramel espresso color with legs like a bold red wine when you stir.

But let me tell you. Let. Me. Tell. You.

I briefly researched this plant and sort of overlooked the diuretic aspect. Unfortunately, I was so oblivious that I thought I had eaten something bad or different. I did decrease my intake of the coffee, it seem as though the coffee was making my stomach worse (wonder why 🙄). That typically isn't the case, my stomach is pretty good with caffeine but it's likely due to a tolerance. I drink about 1-2 cups per day.

Regardless, I acknowledge that caffeine is a natural diuretic without chicory. But still, I disregarded the chicory and after day 3 of semi-painful gas and gurgling, sometimes diarrhea, I went to the store to pick up my very first bottle of pedialyte.

I thought I should hydrate myself, I don't drink enough water as is, lets get some extra electrolytes in there and see if it helps me pass the bug.

I think around the same day or next day I looked up chicory once more and saw the articles on being cautious with intake because it can cause some pretty severe stomach pain and GI upset. I also figured it out because any time I took a sip of the coffee (after day 1),  my stomach would respond with a sort of uncomfortable feeling. 

I finally put two and two together and reluctantly dumped the rest of the coffee. It's weird how even the thought of drinking the coffee can signal your body to just reject it. The day I decided to reduce the coffee intake, I think, was also the day my body was telling me, "Girl you better stop this nonsense!" Nature is so crazy to me, you can know what is good for you just based off of feelings and thoughts, literally your organs sending signals to your brain to communicate with you. I know we learn this in school, but it's pretty dope. Like all of your organs speak different languages and your nerve system is the translator.

Anyways, aside from that, my goal was to recreate Cafe Du Monde. Not just the viscosity and color but the flavor! I realized that it is likely the roast and not just the chicory. They also do not sell Cafe Du Monde whole bean, just ground up for drip coffee or the traditional vietnamese coffee maker. 

Side Note: You need whole beans so you can grind them coarse for cold brew, medium-fine coarse grind will leave your cold brew tasting hella burnt, it's science. Google it.

It kind of makes sense (I guess) because chicory doesn't come in a bean (I think) unless the roast the beans around the chicory and filter it out later? I'm not sure. 

Aaaand this was literally a shit post--the truth none the less but-- because I wanted to write again and didn't feel like thinking about another topic or how to organize it. 

Final thoughts, 1.) use caution with chicory, 2.) Cafe Du Monde is hella unique, 3.) write about whatever you want. 


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