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Who is behind all of this totally credible advice? 

According to authors Neil Howe and William Strauss, this fine young lady is a Millenial. *End third person narration* You know the ones who are claimed to be the lazy, selfie-taking, avocado hoarding, masters of the ghost and slow-fade, often confused with anything Gen Z does wrong because we are so strongly associated with the rise of Social Media? You get the idea. Here’s an inspirational video about Millennials by the way.

I'm a 90's baby in her late 20s, you do the math. Anyone born after 95 is not a 90s baby, just so we are clear. I find it necessary to put my age out there, age equals experience right? Some of my friends like to say, "It's not about the age, it's about the miles." But then Joji says 22 year olds shouldn't be writing autobiographies and honestly Joji's music is magical so why not trust him? I'm only praying at this point that you've gotten all my references.

Anyways, I am also a Caucasian female who grew up on the East Coast (heart on the West Coast) with a single parent, although I am currently in touch with my father figure. An irrelevant story to me, but maybe interesting to you? My mom and I grew up fluctuating between middle class to lower middle class, never doing without but many times grinding out and scraping by--builds character. A spin on my childhood, I believe, is the fact that I grew up around minorities. In fact, demographically speaking, my high school listed 'white' as the minority population. I think that sort of painted the picture for my future social interactions as well, having a tendency to relate to American Minorities and more often than not, Non-Americans (foreigners, aliens, what's the correct political term, don't come for me). Regardless, I love it and wouldn't have changed a thing. Do you know all the neat tricks you can learn and the food you can eat when you vibe with so many different cultures?!  

Back to business: the posts I share on here are going to reflect the experiences based on my own world view, please don't make me disclaim everything--although I will likely do it anyway due to my crippling analytical thoughts and perfectionist tendencies that ultimately lead to procrastination and run on sentences. I hope that the above mentioned was a enough for you to get a general idea of the type of environment in which I grew up. People have tons of layers, I know, but statistics do help provide for a basic foundation of understanding. I'm sure those layers will reveal themselves in posts to come, this is already getting lengthy.

Maybe you're curious about my education. I received a Bachelor of Science in Anthropology with a minor in Asian Studies. And boy was that a shit show…I will save that story for another post. I took four semesters of Japanese, no I can't speak fluently but it's fun to try! On that note, I love learning languages. I took Spanish for 5 years in grade school and didn't actually get it until I started working in a restaurant with Spanish-speaking staff years later. I also had a bit with German and Korean. Sometimes I think people get annoyed when I say things to them in their language. To that I don't know what to say, 頭がわるいですくたばれ下さい.  Estoy jugando, tranquilo bby.

As far as work goes, I've been in the service industry since I was 16. Worked a few office jobs here and there. Career wise, I'm in education--still getting my feet wet. I tutor middle school students part time and work as a receptionist at a pet hospital. The goal is to become a teacher within the next 2 years but only time will tell, I've learned to just do what makes me happy and not worry about the ending so much. Is this my resume? Also, is this too much information, I may edit this later? I can see my (2) fans showing up at my work place with these minor details. But I mean, really though, but the weirdest people like my content. Does that make me even weirder? Why can't Stephen Yeun stalk me? 

Regardless, I’m excited about starting this, like Jenna Marbles with her rhinestone face. 

Why am I starting this blog?

I started this blog two years ago, I spent a lot of time on this for the first two weeks (hello again perfectionism). All these ideas flowing and I got caught up in the aesthetics (like this sub heading here that doesn't want to match with the rest ^^^). If I haven't updated this by then, my theme is a free with a cat for the logo, I wasn't going to post anything until everything was changed in a way that was unique to me. Back then, I even researched "how to start a blog" in so many different ways, I was overloaded but I'm also pretty good at doing research. Encyclopedia is my middle name. 

I came back to the blog once or twice in the last two years, perfectionism and procrastination go hand in hand. The idea of coding and making things look nice for every possible person looking at this is mentally exhausting, so I just did nothing. Since then I've learned that nothing I post in the beginning is ever going to be exactly how I want it. Have you seen the initial creations of your favorite artists or YouTubers, it's good but it's also trash! The point is just to start and learn as you go, otherwise you'll never start if you're like me. 

I digress. The idea of the blog started because of incidents I ran into with credit cards, taxes, and the lack of accessible information on how to navigate either of them. Why does the world work this way? It's like it's meant to trick you. Welcome to adulthood Holly. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ They say as you get older, you become less bitter and calm. I like to say you've just been through so much shit you are numb to it all. Is that morbid or is it just realistic? You tell me.

 Goals Holly, what is the goal of this blog, stay on track. The end goal is to build a community of inspiration and knowledge, one where we can have conversation(s) about life's daily nuances. Magical like Joji's music. Maybe my friend circle will even grow! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ✧⁛◟⋰ Extra stars. In all seriousness, it's sort of fun to me. Who doesn't like talking about themselves and their experiences? I've also found it really helpful when that ONE person on the internet wrote an article or a post on a forum from 2005 about how different banks pull from different credit reports but they'll never tell you which one up front. @_@ Start the knowledge sharing NOW. 

Why Sarcasm and Success?

Sarcasm is my thing, although I've come to find that my humor is dry. I think dry is a nice term for aggressive or maybe rude. ;* I guess it depends on who you are talking to.

The success part is a given, I am writing to help others and build conversations for the future. If the journey to success was a statement, it should be read in satire: "Go to school. Be a good person. Save money. Participate in group activities. Invest in things that make you happy. Buy some stuff that makes you look like you have your shit together."

Life a game and it's a lot more complicated than a blanket statement that alludes to a linear path. We all need to be more open about it.


I'm not disclaiming anything until some rando Gen Z deep dives my shit and cancels me. 


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