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What is Sarcasm and Success?

Sarcasm and Success was created out of a series of events where I was trying to be an informed individual and make well-thought-out decisions. Only to find that what I thought should be common knowledge and accessible to the average person, was nearly non-existent. It felt like jumping through hoops to figure it out. Many of these discoveries ended in me ranting to a significant other, my mother, or maybe a friend if they were lucky, about how utterly ass backward it was. And, if you know me my tangents are doused heavily in satire. The disdain was so profound that I'd often make a mockery of it all by altering my voice to sound similar to that of Patrick Star. I should've been a comedian, really.

It started my junior year of college, the millenial experience and uncovering the truth behind the education system. When I graduated, I walked across the stage with a fake degree in hand, tied with black and gold ribbon, with almost the same value of what I was walking away with: a pretty piece of paper and a lifetime of debt. Alrhough, if we are being realistic, I kind of think the fake paper would've been the more valueable of the two. 

🔥 Down with the factory produced job force funded by the politicians and backed by hungry elitist "higher education" administration! 🔥 


This fancy old-english font paper boasted that I earned my right to a decent paying and fullfilling career. In reality, it landed me in the customer service industry with no prospective leads or hope for a job that wasn't living paycheck to paycheck.

Wanna guess how much interest accumulated on that loan? No? That's ok, it's cringeworthy, I know. However, as dark as it sounds I've made peace with it by accepting who I am and what I want in life and that just means my debt will die with me! Never wanted to be rich anyway.

Then came taxes and the 1099-Misc Form aka self- employment. I took a paid internship and that was the same year I was not claimed by my mother. I trusted the Executive Director of this company. I didn't expect them to teach me about taxes but I had no idea how bad it was that I accepted it as payment. I later learned that they didn't want to add me to the payroll or be liable for paying any taxes/benefits for me. In addition, I was a write off! 

But they don't teach you about that in high school...or college! And Gen X/Boomers lived in a society with W-2s, the comfy way for you to do your taxes. It wasn't until 2018 that being self employed or a non-employee contractor was a thing. In fact, the IRS recently passed a law in 2020 to require an entirely different tax form for non employees, the gig economy is rising. But hey, back then if it wasn't in line with the factory produced job force, the schools wouldn't teach ya!


I had a few more blunders with taxes after that, being a server for so long, living in a state that taxed on top of federal; learning about "not paying enough tax" even when I was making 25K in one of the richest counties in the U.S.; and having to pay bills since I was 16--savings were non-existent.

For the record, my childhood was very much middle class (I think) and I was an only child. Spoiled for a good portion of elementary to high school. Mom and I drank the 'univeristy kool-aid' we were being served. 

However, in the year of 2008, when I was 16 going on 17, my mom and I were part of the less fortunate of the U.S. We lost our house about 3 years later, a short sell where my mom walked away with $1000 from the bank, when she purchased the house for about 80K in 1997 and had renovated almost the entire thing. New insulation, siding, landscaping the front and back yard, replaced all of our appliances, new flooring, a/c unit..etc. The house was valued at about $300K prior to 2008. Listen: I pulled weeds in that yard for YEARS and cleaned it on a weekly basis, y'all better do the math again. 

We also had to part ways with both of our pets, both of which we had their entire life. My cat Wishbone was taken by a family member and later on our dog Cisco was given to a stranger. We gave them his bucket of toys and all of his treats and food of course. It's been 10 years since that happened and I still get a bit teary-eyed over it. Both if them were 10 years old when they left us. I avoided seeing them grow old with complications, but I think I would've rather dealt with that pain than the former. No one would've taken care of them better than we would have.

Imagine going through all of this as a kid and then going through college. I remember my mom asking me about Cisco, she wanted me to say it was OK. Back then I wasn't good at being emotionally vulnerable. That phone call was pretty gut wrenching but I swallowed it, because I knew we needed the money and wanted to give the 'right' answer. 

I was in college at the time and my mom moved to an apartment closer to her job so her commute would be less than an hour. But that meant much higher rent and pet deposits/rent. I'm sure she didn't want to make the decision herself and wanted reassurance. Sometimes I wish I fought harder for him but with what? We had to use any money I had earned working starting at 16 and graduation money for us to live and me to get this supposed valuable degree. And yes, I worked through college, too. My mom also worked extra jobs on top of 50hr/wk while I was in college. Now you know why I show no mercy for the school system, losing family members, giving my mom health complications, and feeling like I had nothing to show for it in the end. But we are in the land of opportunity, as they say, so we must've been lazy or lacking in intelligence. 

In addition, I was a first gen college graduate. My mom took courses but never officially graduated. When she had me it was a struggle to work, go to school, and raise a kid. And yes, it was just me and my mom. She taught me A LOT, but her relationship with her parents wasn't great and my dad tried to be around when he could but there was some issues there as well. Parents can't possibly prepare their children for everything out there, especially when they're single. In the end, she raised a humble, respectful, good hearted person. Statistically, kids like me didn't have the greatest journeys so I consider myself a bit more lucky despite everything.

But this is getting too serious...


The third thing to set me off was credit cards. I didn't have a credit card until I was about 26. Yes, I'm a late bloomer for many things, guess how old I was when I got my drivers license and car? I'm 30 now and I have the same car. Anyways, this was just my perfectionism kicking in, but I got upset when my bank rejected my first credit card application. I had perfect loan history with them and I was pre-approved. I also did a months worth of research and even spoke with people from the bank to make sure I'd have good chances of being approved. My bank actually dissolved their credit advising department and I had fun being looped around on an outdated automated system--but I tried! They always told us millenials if you worked hard enough, you'd succeed. Cue appreciation trophies.

After the rejection, I learned my debt to income ratio was the main reason and I hardly had credit history (duh). I made it a point to research my debt and asked people as well, in terms of credit approval, but I couldn't find anything. Previoisly, anyone I talked to working at a financial institution was just a customer service rep regurgitating the credit card info. 

But after the rejection I found these agencies that just give you free credit advice. I don't remember how I found them and why it's free but they were the ones to give me more than the generic credit card schpeel. They told me different banks used different credit scores, my bank used trans union and my credit card company used fico. Each bank/financial institution has different requirements as well. But they don't post this information out right, you find it by digging into the depths of the internet on those navy blue minimalist forums. 

It's like playing russian roulette and credit is so important for making large purchases, buying a home, a car. All the things this society pushes you to have, to be normal here, and yet it's a goddamn maze. If you're new to the game, it should be a clean and fair slate. It's like the rules of this country are set up to make you fail. They don't actually want you to live the "American Dream", just a few of you. And you're scolded and chastized if you don't win this game. 

And let's be honest, there are likely many people out there who don't worry about this kind of stuff at all. Maybe people who can afford to make more mistakes or people who are happy making a modest income and like to fly under the radar. But that's not my target audience.

I want to share my experiences in hopes of helping those who are diving into those depths of the internet trying to solve similar problems. My blog is small and I don't know how Google's alogrithm works, but I'll just be one more resource out there. Hopefully bridging the gap between knowing and not knowing.


*January 2021 Edit*

While my ideas started out with education, taxes, and credit cards, they may change with the ebb and flow of life. I've recently come back to this page to re-write it and many of my posts have surrounded psychology and social-behavioral topics. And many have also been archived. However, I did do my first tax education post, yay me! Regardless, I think my focus is not only to help educate others and act as a resource, but also to enjoy and be proud of my product. Also, I turned 30 at the end of last year, so it is to be expected. I'm basically a dinosaur now. 😉

About Me

According to authors Neil Howe and William Strauss, this fine young lady is a Millenial. You know the ones who are claimed to be the lazy, selfie-taking, avocado eating, masters of ghosting, often confused with anything Gen Z does wrong because we are so strongly associated with the rise of Social Media? You get the idea. Here’s an inspirational video about Millennials. 


*January 2021 Edit*

I agree with these statements and the rest were deleted. I thought I needed to be qualified to be writing about topics in success, so I divulged much unnecessary information. I'm qualifiied by experience and I'm a scientist, so you'll always know the controls and variables. 

I think you'll get to know me best through my writing, but for the sake of fun: I love all things coffee related. No, not white chocolate mochas and Starbucks, the fine wine of coffee: roasteries and brew methods. I've perfected the art of fast and tasty coffee by creating my own cold brew method. Long story. 

My favorite color is purple. It was my first favorite color until I started listening to Linkin Park and proceeded into the punk-metal-emo phase. Then it was red and black, but it was always purple.

I like research and data, probably because I like explanations for just about everything. It gives me peace of mind. For example, I understand the link between wealth and empathy. It was a way for me to cope with the nature of a person who was rich or more well off. It also helps me measure my own success and where I am growing or need some work.

I used to write too much for just about every research paper I have done from high school into college. I have perfectionistic tendencies and over prepare but if you know anything about that, it also makes you a great procrastinator. It also makes you vulnerable to high expectations from others and when you don't perform it's a tragedy to everyone. 

I'm a super smeller and taster. I read something about highly sensitive people (HSP) and these are character traits. HSPs are sometimes prone to overstimulation, there are many times when I've been overestimated, especially by fecal matter. I worked as a receptionist at a vet hospital. If you hadn't caught on by now, I'm being facetious. I love dogs and cats, cats a little more though. On a serious note, it's a blessing and a curse. I'm usually the first to smell something, good or bad. My partner likes to make me smell food in our fridge to make sure it's still edible. In all seriousness, can someone pay me to do this?

Being a super taster is dope too, I'm like a circus act to friends when I can pinpoint ingredients in our meals. It also makes me extremely picky about food, not in a varietal way, but quality and flavor. It can be a nuisance for me and others at times. I think I'm the real foodie though, cause when I pick a place, everyone knows it will be good. 😉

I'm also an Astrology enthusiast, started before 2020, when the Astrology trend really kicked in: I received my first book in middle school. But also, I am appreciative of the recent hype because of how much more information is readily available. I think my blog will reflect my three major signs well. 

What else is there to know? 


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